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    Rescue Brand Pty Ltd has a 14 day refund policy. On expiration of the 14 day period from date of purchase, unfortunately a refund or exchange cannot be offered. A refund is available in the following circumstances:- the product is faulty;

    - the product is not fit for purpose; or

    - the product is not as it is described. A refund is not available where:-you change your mind;

    - the product is not to your personal taste or liking;

    - the product did not achieve what you personally expected it to achieve; or

    - there are obvious signs that the product has already been used extensively prior to your request for a refund.

    To claim your refund, please email, providing the reason that you are requesting a refund as well as receipt/proof of purchase and your request will be dealt with accordingly. Rescue Brand Pty Ltd reserves the right to not provide a refund if there is no receipt or proof of purchase.

    Please carefully review all product ingredients on the label for any allergy concerns or concerns regarding side effects, prior to use.

    Rescue Brand Pty Ltd cannot guarantee individual reactions to a product and will not be obliged to provide a refund (so long as the product complies with general consumer safety requirements) if your personal reaction is not what you expected.